Victor Melaragno

Victor Melaragno
Lowbrow Artist!

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I’ve always been drawn to anything offbeat and different, in my pursuit of art. The strange, dreamlike, weird, and experimental have always been important to me, and I take inspiration from the Lowbrow movement. Lowbrow art has been with me since before I knew the term, in the form of monsters. I’ve doodled monster-like creatures on any available surface for as long as I can remember. These creatures eventually became what I call the “SoonMoon people”, and they proceeded to infiltrate everything from cards for my wife and children to small drawings in letters to friends.

I’ve worked as a graphic artist in the sign business for over forty years now. In this time, I learned new skills I could use to bolster my artwork. My knowledge of pattern-making, sign painting, and neon work came together with my long-term interest in monsters to produce my work.

Featured Work

SoonMoon with Zanti Misfit!

SoonMoon with Zanti Misfit!
Cut-out of MDO plywood and painted with enamel.

SoonMoon with

SoonMoon with "Blue Suede Shoes"
Cut-out of aluminum composite and painted with enamel.

"FAR-OUT SoonMoon
Cut-out of MDO plywood and painted with enamel.

SoonMoon & Quisp:

SoonMoon & Quisp: "Next Marley concert: right turn at Alpha Centauri and straigth on to Saturn"
Cut-out of PVC, aluminum, aluminum composite and painted with enamel.

SoonMoon: with

SoonMoon: with "Desmond Dekker and the Aces" vinyl
Aluminum composite, sintra, 45 record and painted with enamel.

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