Nick Cavalier

Nick Cavalier
Award Winning Director

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Nick Cavalier is a director of films, commercials, branded content and music videos. A visual and character-focused storyteller, Nick is known for his high production value docu-driven films with poetic hero centered themes. Nick has been honored with awards and selections at festivals such as SXSW, Palm Springs, and Cleveland International. His work is featured in multiple national publications including New York Times, VICE, Shorts TV, Devour, HYPEBEAST, Alternative Press, Funny Or Die, G4, MTV, Fast Company, Juxtapoz Magazine and many more. Nick is lauded for his award-winning feature film and character portrait on famed artist Derek Hess titled Forced Perspective, his short film about vinyl record resurgence Gotta Groove Records and his new short film on mental health and creativity titled Down Again.

Featured Work

2019 Show Reel
Nick Cavalier - Director

Down Again
Down Again is an exploration of the connection between mental illness and creativity

Vocon - "Inside Out"
Vocon is an architectural firm based out of Cleveland, dedicated to making functional spaces

Gotta Groove Records
Short film about vinyl record resurgence from the perspective of the Cleveland plant

Forced Perspective
Biographical and allegorical character portrait of Cleveland artist Derek Hess

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