Mikey Silas, singer/musician/actor/painter

Mikey Silas, singer/musician/actor/painter
Soulful intuitive range

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Mikey Silas is a Cleveland transplant, from Chicago. Although, born in Cleveland, he graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a degree in Theatre (Music/Dance/Acting) with a focus on Urban Anthropology. His limited Grad School was under the focus of MBA/organizational design. Developing his own talents and expressions is a part of his evolution as an artist, entertainer and community organizer/event producer.

In addition to studies and being a student of life through his own experiences, he is a fabulous singer and performer. Recording artist and award recognized actor on stage and film. Across the entire Midwest.

Mikey has an impressive history curating and breathing creative life into communities, businesses and collaborating with other artists, making the strength of a city/neighborhood grow. He is a talent scout/buyer for events, venues, a community host, a mystic spirit, an accomplished actor and an open-minded community organizer.

He’s got lots of ideas... shoot him a message to start the collaborative process! Currently you can catch his band Apostle Jones climbing up the local ranks of exciting bands to catch in Cleveland.

@somewhatsilas_music (IG)
@mikeysilasmusic (Twitter)

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