Matthew Deibel

Matthew Deibel
Political art/minimalism

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The dominant thought in my production is the effects of war on the human element; it is that general theme that brings a unity to my aesthetic.
The body of work is my vernacular. I can only generalize that this language and perspective is one shared with others that have traveled to varying depths of war. 
The creation of each piece is an exercise of material discovery, exploring various mediums for each work.  Each piece is an independent object that only through continuity of thought may correlate to a previous or future work. That is to say that one approach or style of a sculpture does not influence the next.
It is my intent that these sculptures are to be a reverent reflection on the loss of life that has resulted from warfare. It is from this that I have created works based on my perceptions of my environment and the role I played in Iraq through my Marine Corps service.

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Concrete, Steel life

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