Margaret Collins

Margaret Collins
Printmaker/ Painter

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I have been an artist all my life. I've lived in Cleveland most of my life with the exception of school. My first Studio was in 1990 in Western Cleveland, Alcan Aluminum Building, then to Bird Town next to The Lake Erie Screw Building and now at Zygote Press.
I've had the good fortune to have met so many talented people.
I started my studies at Cooper School of Art in 1965 on Euclid Avenue.
Cleveland has changed a lot for the better thanks to the vision and talent of so many.
This city has so much natural beauty around that has been brought back to life. Cleveland has transitioned from smoke and soot while now winning awards for it's parks, music and museums.
My art reflects the beauty around me and the hope that it will continue to flourish.

Featured Work

Looking Up

Looking Up
Pictured at the Butler Museum 85th National Midyear Show with one of two of her selected works.

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