Leslie Edwards Humez

Leslie Edwards Humez
surrealist, hyperrealist

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I'm Leslie Edwards Humez, a sculptor and suburban pop-surrealist, who is retired from a day job in publishing management, and whose work and arts practice is embedded in Cuyahoga County. I've been a fixture in Cleveland for six decades.

Watching an idea come to life in my own hands is a powerful and profoundly humbling experience.
I've been chosen to create public and privately commissioned works and some of what I've dreamed up has been exhibited on four continents.

Most socially conscious and life affirming is the recent launch of PATS - Perceiving Art Through Sculpture. PATS is an innovative program in which I collaborate with painters and illustrators to take their contemporary art off-the-wall, re-create it as sculpture, and therein set the stage to put it into the hands of the blind and visually impaired "to see".

For many who are sight challenged, touching IS seeing. Through PATS, my hands are wet with earthen clay molding an experience that will make the concepts of today's 2D artists accessible to the visually challenged for the first time.

This new and growing PATS community of artists, advisors and supporters are gathering momentum to bring the spirit of flat art into the touchable third dimension. Together we are preparing to deliver an entirely new arts experience: an interactive, hands-on opportunity for the visually impaired that enables an underserved population to tap into the social consciousness of contemporary two-dimensional artists via touchable 3-D recreations of their illustrations.

As we grow, our mission is to host accessible public gallery events which will include the original painting, the sculptural representation, and digital reproductions that can be handled by all visitors including children.

In ongoing tests at Gallery Plus #109 at 78th St. Studios, we've found that our manner of exhibiting an artist's concept in three different forms creates a uniquely immersive experience that allows the information to enter the conscious through two sensory portals: visual and tactile.

The biggest surprise in all of this has been that SIGHTED people are just blown away by the idea...some speechless and amazed...reactions vary, but are always emotional and very gratifying.

Stop in any Third Friday and see for yourself.

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