Jason M. Baumgardner

Jason M. Baumgardner
Will paint/draw anything

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Born and raised on the eastside, I like to work in all mediums. If I am known around town for anything: it would be my larger, often food and alcohol related, and sometimes historically inspired chalk boards, in some local bars and restaurants. I have a chalk art tutorial youtube channel and I do live chalk art demos/tutorials. I also like to work in metal and other industrial products and explore all aspects of art and design.

Featured Work

Merry Arts Est. 1933 70' x 48

Merry Arts Est. 1933 70' x 48"
Located in Merry Arts Pub - Depicts the day prohibition ended, and the year the bar opened - 1933

Battle of the Bogside 8' x 4'6

Battle of the Bogside 8' x 4'6"
Located in the Bogside Pub - B of BS was a union dispute that lasted 5 days in Derry, IR

Forest City Brewery 48

Forest City Brewery 48" x 30"
Piece I did for FCB depicting the late 1800's when Forest City Brewery Began in CLE


Roasting barley...piece for Jameson Caskmates Promotion 36 x 24"

The Mall

The Mall
A popular print piece of mine. Sharpie marker and newsprint

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