Jason K Milburn

Jason K Milburn
Collage/figure based work

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My work revolves around the figure and the experiences, real and imagined, that we carry with us from the past to our present condition.

I draw myself and the people around me, past and present, using mirrors, photographs or characters pulled from mass media sources as doppelgänger. The people are often pieced together from several different images and then placed in an environment that may have been from a family photo or a fashion magazine.

The goal is to show a biography or autobiography without too many specifics as to render it legible from only one view.

Aspects of collage and found objects find their way in to interject the pieces of everyday life that surround us and get collected during our day-to-day errands. The heads are often drawn separately or cut out and reattached in reference to the disconnect we feel from the dreams and daydreams that invade our waking life. Nostalgic humor in these scenes of people interacting with each other and the space around them is an essential component in my work. I want each drawing to be a fiction based on facts that could be a chapter in anyone’s biography.

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