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Georgio Sabino III
Highly-acclaimed Visual Artist, Photographer, Fashion Designer, Art Educator, Chief Visionary & Prime Strategist with a successful track-record for producing art and developing businesses and talent from grassroots. Two-Time Official White House Photographer at President Barrack Obama’s invitation, CEO and Designer of Govia, the Police Safety App that assists law enforcement and civilians to dialogue, as opposed to primary force.

Artist Statement - “art with augment reality” (Ai)
Searching for dramatic lines, and tracing vibrant colors depicting strong contrast enriches Georgio’s artwork. “A sense of completeness is achieved by paying attention to symmetry and balance,” Sabino shares. “I enjoy creating art that stimulates the imagination and challenges the intellect, propelling the viewer towards celestial heights where they can explore, discover and uncover their polyrhythmic identities through my work.”

Featured Work

Birds and butterflies II

Birds and butterflies II
The piece explores death and vibrancy of life by using color, shape and imagination.

Birds and butterflies augment reality
Artistic jungle

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