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Allen J. Friedman is a prolific Artist whose work spans the disciplines of Music and Art. As an innovative designer, he absorbs all that is around him, interprets it and creatively reinvents it.
I Tell A Story Through My Musical Arrangements.
Enjoy My Hand Shaped WAVEFORM sculpture And Mini Concerts!
The beauty of the ocean has inspired many a creative artist. Allen J. Friedman is among them. An artist and sculptor by trade, Friedman has tapped more than two decades of experience in a sheet-metal shop to create custom metal sculptures via his company, Friedman Artistry.

Friedman hand-shapes mirror polished stainless steel into captivating designs inspired by the ocean waves.

Dynamic 3-dimensional design provides a unique wow factor and stunning radiance.

Featured Work


W A V E F O R M Lavish sculpture on Lucite. Hand shaped mirror polished stainless steel.

WAVEform sculpture.
WAVEform lavish table sculpture Bring Stunning Sculpture Into Your Life.

Pretty Ballerina Dance
Allen j. Friedman composer

WAVEFORM sculpture.
WAVEform unique metal art sculptures are hand made from original designs.

WAVEFORM sculpture
create amazing design spaces!

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