Elizabeth Ross Yurich

Elizabeth Ross Yurich
A Creative Stategist

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Yurich Creative believes your company has a story to tell. We also believe that each project we create should take its own unique direction, a direction that will delight and attract your potential customer, because that is the best use of your marketing budget. Which is another thing we believe, being cautious with your budget to give you the best bang for your buck.

Good design not only attracts potential customers, but it is good business. It's sustainable because if your brand gets noticed, and the customer connects with your story, then it is better than creating materials that are simply recycled or deleted prior to noticing your message.

Our team is made up of a unique blend of talent from designer to videographer to sound engineer. At times, Yurich Creative collaborates with other firms to offer a more extensive and targeted team for your project. This practice allows us to form the best teams for specific projects.

We believe that doing good, helping businesses succeed, connecting with the public and making things visually pleasing, is part of our company's DNA. Give us a call, we would love to learn about your story.

Specialties: Art Direction | Graphic Design | Brand Planning and Building | Marketing | Video Direction| Project Management | Photo Direction | Sustainability | Social Media Management

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