Debbie Clapper / gneural

Debbie Clapper / gneural
Abstract Geometric Op Art

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Debbie Clapper is a visual artist and designer living in Ohio’s greater Cleveland area. She runs gneural™, a contemporary surface design studio specializing in murals, pattern licensing, and immersive design. Through gneural Debbie creates twisted geometric art that enriches spaces and surfaces.

Driven by her love of optical illusion art and graffiti, Debbie uses her abstract op art as a foundation to ignite the imagination and to help others experience fearless creativity.

Featured Work

"Multifaceted 1" Limited Edition Modern Art Print
16" x 20" Giclee Print Limited Edition of 40

"Retro 1
17" x 22" Giclee Print Limited Edition of 10

"Conscious Growth" Digital Interactive Mural
Digital interactive mural collaboration with creative coder Cacheflowe. Installed in Snowmass, CO.

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