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Hello! My name is Sara Hawkey and I am the owner of Cheres Pottery! I’d like to share a bit of the history behind my vision for my shop. My first experience in pottery was at my best friend’s grandma’s pottery studio. I was able to throw my first pot on the wheel and attempt a small hand building project as well. This was around the age of 8, so I started young! Some other exposures to pottery were a field trip as a kid to a studio as well as a class in undergrad.

The Name “Cheres”:
You may be wondering about the name of my shop: good question! My vision for my shop is to make modern pieces that are reminiscent of ancient Hebrew pottery. I want to create pieces that remind my viewers of pottery in its original forms. The word “Cheres” (pronounced Kheh’-res) is the Hebrew word for earthenware vessel.

Ceramics has become a passion of mine, because I enjoy it, as well as reminding people of how ancient the art form is. My hope is to remind people through my pottery of how long this beautiful art has been in existence. I want my pieces to spark interest or memories of an ancient world.

I have been a musician my whole life, but just last year I decided to make a career switch into a different aspect of the art world. I moved to Cleveland with my husband last August and since then have pursued ceramics whole-heartedly!

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"The beauty of creation" in process


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In process

"Daughter of the King"

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