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I am constantly inspired by nature. It stems from when I was a young girl and would spend countless afternoons behind my grandmother's house in the woods. As I grew older, I began to grow a true affection for the mountains and forests that surround them, and now you can't keep me away for very long.

It is no secret we live in a world often rushed and disconnected; therefore, it is my hope that in viewing my work, you will stop for a moment and be reminded to take time for life's precious subtleties.

I make realistic oil paintings that are meant to bring your attention to nature, mindfulness and minimalism.
I am really interested and inspired in mindfulness and minimalism and how it relates to spirituality and humanity.

My work depicts a strong reverence for the natural world around us, the many forms of our human spirit, and the vibrant personalities of our collective worldly experience.

I live and work in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and hold a B.F.A in Painting.

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