Allison Liffman Innenberg

Allison Liffman Innenberg
Modern pop figurative art

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Allison Liffman Innenberg is a Modern Pop Figurative artist currently based in Cleveland. Her work has been prominently displayed in galleries, restaurants and major private collections. She has been featured in several solo and group exhibitions and has been the subject of articles in the International Artist Book Vol III.

Liffman has a bold vibrant style and stands out among todays pop artists. As a young girl, Liffman took classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art, leading her into an extremely competitive vocational art program at her high school. She went on to receive a BFA from Syracuse University, and an additional degree in Graphic Design from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.

Allison has spent her time doing an array of artistic and creative work.
Specializing in fine art and illustration using acrylic to produce vibrant dynamic images.  Each day brings new inspirations and colors, whether it be abstract, figurative, or surrealist. Painting is a wonderful way to express opinions and share emotions without censoring ones self. Liffman says she is always looking for something new to inspire her, allowing the world around her to be her muse.

She often works on multiple paintings at once. In the course of one project new areas of interest arise leading to the next body of work. Her paintings are very modern with traditional elements. She is best known for her modern pinup style work as well as her more recent Cleveland Pride collection.

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