Adrian Hardin

Adrian Hardin
African American woman.

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Adrian Hardin is an acrylic Artist born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. After graduating from The Ohio State University Adrian stated teaching elementary grades in The Cleveland Municipal Schools. The majority of her years teaching were in the subjects of math and science, but she always found time for art. She incorporated the visual arts in her teaching on a daily basis. (Her Thesis for her Masters In Urban Education was on how to incorporate the visual arts in math and science classes in the elementary grades).

After a successful and enjoyable life in teaching she retired in 2010, and found time to paint and to create art that incorporated her love of color and design.
Inspirations for her art are from life around her, people she meets and engages with, ( lately the strong females ) she also finds some of her ideas coming from the many books she reads. (Adrian belongs to 2 book clubs ).
As she experiences life she take photos and make quick sketches of items, objects and people that cause new ideas to emerge that can be developed into a meaningful painting.
Adrian then uses these ideas to create art. Her art is wide and varied but it always seem to come back to paintings of ladies and faces.

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